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It’s important to know about weather

Knowing how to communicate it is vital

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Our core features

local news

We have the experience that lets us build a very close relationship with the sources that generate the most relevant information for the Spanish speaking audience, also, we know how to put those news in context, so, that makes them relevant for the Latino market.

local weather

We have developed our very own algorithms that let us generate a very precise weather forecast, created in Spanish and oriented to our market, using the expressions and idioms known to the immigrants.

world news

We have access to the news that mostly impact the Latino audience, we can build a newscast oriented to the local audience, based on their countries of origin.

High quality products at an unbeatable price
What we can offer you


The delivery of the contents is always done on time, either via email, file transfer or directly to the server, depending on the needs of the client.


The news we present is based on verifiable facts. We have several decades generating information and we can clearly differentiate between speculation and real news


The meteorological information we generate is accurate and we present it to the public in a way that can clearly understand it and prevent the conditions for the next hours and days

Meet our team

Lupita Humildad

TV and radio journalist since 2001, has worked in different roles like News Anchor, News Director and Station Manager for diverse media like Telemundo MN, Univision MN, Megacable, TVP, Radio Rey and others in México and USA.

Antonio Reyes

Expert consultant in business development, he has worked for several companies in the area of ​​telecommunications in management and marketing positions.

Alex Orozco

TV journalist since 1989 and Meteorologist since 1994. Has worked for diverse networks in México and USA such as Televisa, Megacable, TVC, Telemundo MN and La Raza 95.7 FM.

Humberto Lozano

TV and Radio producer since 1982. Has created and directed dozens of TV and Radio shows for diverse networks such as Telemax, Televisa, Grupo ACIR, Foro Quattro and a few more

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